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Has anyone compared the present AB TECH tweeters p.n. 12000840 to the original AR 10 Pi / 11 tweeters p.n. 200011-1?

In the file "Restoring the AR-3a "all these tweeters can be seen and the present AB TECH tweeter is on fig A.27)


In your opinion what are the sonic differences between all these tweeters? Which do you prefer?Anyway, In the work "Restoring the AR-3a " I have noted that the TONEGEN tweeters, made as sevice replacement for AR 10 Pi and 11 with part # 1200011-1, do not appear . I saw several Tonegen 1200011-1 boxes made in Japan full with these tweeters when they manufactured the AR 10 Pi Replicas near Bologna. Moreover I have always seen the tweeter on  Fig A.24  only labelled as 200011-1 and never as 1200011-1 . As far as I know only the Tonegen tweeters had the p.n 1200011-1.

In 1995 I bought a pair of tweeters for AR 10 PI labelled 12002111. They look very similar to the previous Tonegen tweeters (1200011-1) but I do not know their manufacturer.  In my opinion, they are the best sounding tweeters made for AR 11 and 10 PI I ever listened to so far . Probably the original AR ferrofluid tweeters (200011-1) suffer from some "dry ferrofluid problem" today.

Any information and personal opinion on the sound of all these tweeters will be appreciated.

Now I'm very curious about the sound of the present AB TECH sevice replacement.

Thank you in advance for any information.


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