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A Vanguard Audiophile Recording


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Hey ya... I was wondering how many members have this recording? On the cover it makes mention that it was designed to test

the quality of your stereo system.

Those with both large and small set ups , did you find it taxing on your system-'s as described in the text?

I found items like this and Roy Allisons book ,High Fidelity Systems very interesting! (A Must Have!)

Also, has anyone successfully copied this album over to a cd without losing much of the quality of the recording?







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Guest rek 2-3-4

I have a number of Vanguard classical albums, but I never saw this one before.

I still have my version II Shure V-15 audio obstacle course album, however. ;)

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Thank you for your reply rek 2-3-4 , I'm not sure if you can see the record no. next to the Vanguard label( The image looks blurred ) but for a future reference the record no. is "SPV-42".

The album was released in 1981 by Teledyne- Acoustic Research and The Vanguard Recording Society.....

I found this album on e-bay, I'm guessing a limited release? but maybe Amazon or e-bay might have something for you if you are interested in trying to track down the album and complimenting your already fine collection of records ?



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