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Info on Bozak needed

Guest gladiator335

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Guest audionut52
I can't find any info on Bozak L-200 (or L200) speakers.

Are they any good? Help!!!

I own a pair of LS-200A systems. The use the B-800Bc 8" driver and either a single Bozak B-200Y/Z cone or a Vifa DT-25G polyamide dome tweeter, depending on age. They were produced in various iterations from 1978 until 1984 and retailed at up to $380.00/pair. The dimensions were 20" x 11.5" x 10.25" deep. 30 pounds each. 89dB/Watt. 8 Ohms/ 6.5 Ohms min. 15-100Watts. 50Hz-20kHz +- 3dB. 2kHz crossover, 6dB low & 12dB high. They are almost the same as the earlier B-201 Sonora and later DMS-2500. They sound very much like my JBL L-112 systems in the mids and highs with less warmth. I hope this helps.

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