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model 24- high end seems tinny (tweets or caps?)


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Hey guys,

Found some model 24s and although the bass is FANTASTIC for such a small pair of speakers, the highs seem really tinny to me- I am wondering if this is because of the paper cone tweeters or maybe the caps inside are just way off. Any ideas? Because these things sound so good I am open to suggestion of new tweeter to compliment the fantastic woofers or recap and save old tweeters, should that make any sense. These are the RCA phono connector types, they are sequential, and they are in great shape all original. Thanks!

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Hi Mantis

I don't claim to be an expert, but what I've found with KLH speakers (the 20s are similar to your 24s) is their caps, now about 40 years old, tend to be bad. My Model Twelves had no tweeter output due to bad caps, and MrDB reported his Fives had the same problem. Attached is a picture of the xo in my Model Seventeens, with a double cap, exploded! I would recommend replacing all of the caps. It is very likely your speakers will sound fine then, unless the bad caps in turn damaged the drivers ;)

Sorry I don't know the cap values for the 24s, but just look at the values printed on them. Sometimes they used "dual" caps, and you just replace those with two of the appropriate value. You don't have to spend a lot--you can get some very nice Carli mylars from Madisound. Also look at the resistors, if any. Wire wound resistors tend to last "forever" but in a couple of crossovers I worked on the little 5 ohm 5 watt resistors were scorched or worse. Take a look near the bottom of page 2 in this thread for a burned up resistor:


Replace with resistors of at least 10 watts and you should be good to go.

Good luck



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Hi there!

I opened one up and I see three parts:

A 3 Ohm 10% 7W big grey resister

An 8uF50V that also says 16uF 50V on it

And something wrapped around a big metal bar that says 3579 196C6 8317033

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Ok, I have learned a little more info.

These are series I Model 24's.

I am still confused as to what that big brown wrapping over the metal bar is. It looks almost like a fat cigar! The resistor looks easy to replace, will this work? http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cf...artnumber=016-3

For the caps, as I am reading they are just two caps tied together... I need an 8uF 50V cap and a 16 uF 50V cap with their - sides wrapped together to form the red wire correct? I dont know which output is the blue wire and which is the one that combines with the resistor, though- I am guessing the 16uF goes with the resistor?

Please help out here, these things seem so close to being fixed up!

ooh final jumping the gun questions:

I just purchased some XL49 sealer from OC speakers for the woofer surround (Do I use the sealer on the inside, backside where the spider is, or outside like most other surrounds?)

Next up, moretite caulk for the gasket sealer sound good?

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