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comparison ar9 vs. legacy audio focus vs. legacy signature III


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I have been combing the loudspeaker space for speakers that have any resemblance to the AR9. I came across two speakers made by Legacy Audio - the Focus and the Signature III. The Signature III reminds me of the AR9LSi in having a downward firing woofer. The reviews of both speakers are literally glowing.

I also came across Tony Gee's Andromeda DIY design.

All these speakers share one common objective - to have masses of bass but not in your face bass, rather a controlled and detailed bass.

I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to compare the AR9s with any of these other three?

Also (and here you can see I am a real novice...!) when I look at frequency plots, the see the least variation in frequency for the Von Schweikert speakers VR4 and VR5 series, followed by the AR9. The frequency spectrum of the Legacy Focus is actually quite variable (max amplitude variation is almost 20dB anechoic) - I don't know the plot for the Signature. How exactly is one supposed to interpret frequency plots in relation to sound quality?

rgds, kkc.

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