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Really stupid, basic question for a


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I'm reading about crossover design in the AR section and I had this really elementary question come to mind:

As I'm reading around I'm seeing that the same manufacturer had the "same" driver designed about three different ways. Different free air resonance, different throw, different materials.

Why, with all the computer stuff we have available to us (you engineers) now is there not a crossoverless speaker design using driver and cabinet design to do away with the crossover?

Back in the bad-old mono days a popular thing to do was to use an AR1w and Jantzen panels. The Jantzen were allowed to go as low as they would and the 1w allowed to go as high as it would. Okay, imperfect, but it didn't stink. Not for its day and price it didn't stink, anyway. (I'll bet there were chokes weren't there?)

But take a leap 50 years into the present and wonder. . why not just design drivers to roll-off at the right places with the right sensitivities?

And what ever happened to the idea of plasma drivers?



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