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Shipping Raw Woofers of any brand

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Hi there;

I just saw an auction today on ebay for a single 10" OEM AR Alnico magnet woofer.

This seller, this late in the game, has an un-used AR woofer for sale.

Almost 60 years old and still brand new.

What I feel is interesting but not the first time I saw it, was the use of a shorting strap across the woofers coil.

I've mentioned this previously here somewhere in the past 3 1/2 years plus.

This strap was added across the coil, at the AR factory, to prevent the cone from front to back movement via a short circuit.

Otherwise the woofer cone will flap back and forth in shipping, more than likely causing damage to the voice coil former.

If you have a woofer, or at least a large cone type driver, a larger woofer is preferred, of any brand, lift it up side down and by raising and lowering it quickly, the cone should move back and foreward 1/4" - 1.00".

If you add the strap, any piece of copper wire will do, across the coil contacts and try again.

This time the woofer cone should not move noticeably in either direction.

This is what is required and should be requested when buying or selling woofers, at least prior to shipping them.

It does not matter with which brand woofers this practice is used with.

I've downloaded the photo of the auction.

The only thing here that I do not like is, it appears to be laying flat on it's surround, not with the frame supported for the pic.

The original carton will support the woofer, in this case, if it is repackaged as per factory.


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