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Change of Xover in a 330 AVID

Guest Dario54

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Guest Dario54

Hello every AVID fan,

I recently bought a pair of 232 Xovers from eBay.

For what I could understand, 232 are similar to 330 (3 ways) just smaller.

I intended to use them on my 330, since are similar in size, but after a closer check I notices that there's a difference in the coils: 2 on the 330 (Large + Small), while on 232 there 3 (the same Large but 2 smaller instead of the Small on the 330)

The 2 boards are identical.

The componnets on 330 are original standard, on the 232 are newer caps installed, but still not compared the values.

Since changing will require some soldering work, I'd like to know if there's a way to compare the 2 kind of Xovers before installing the newly bought (impedence or what)


Thanks for any help, Dario.

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