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SYLVANIA "Air Suspension" speakers?

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I picked up a pair of Sylvania speakers at the Salvation Army because they looked a lot like classic KLH, the walnut veneer cabinets were in good shape, and the grilles were excellent. 8" inverted-cloth-surround woofers made by CTS. HAve not listened yet because I want to repair the RCA jacks in back, but there is a small but enthusiastic group of Vintage Sylvania fans! The Sylvanias were made in Batavia, NY. Mine are from 1967.

I'd like to upload a photo, but this says "Max upload size: 6.32K". Think that makes uploading impossible. If you'd like to read some more and see some photos, check this forum:


and this site:


Not a lot of info available, but it's pretty interesting.


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Figured out the attachment problem--I reached the 50MB limit and had to delete some. Duh :rolleyes:

The Sylvanias are pretty nice. Nice walnut veneer with cove trim around the front. Attractive black & tan grille cloth (with a tacky silver trim around it). CTS woofer with cloth surround. The xover is very simple--one 5uF cap. RoyC has seen these caps before and they're not great. I plan to replace the caps ASAP with mylar or poly. Working on the cabinets now--one tiny (3/8") patch needed, then think I'll just use Restor-a-Finish.


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