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Looking for info and opinions on Burhoe Blues

Guest tommy

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Guest bill18018
Hi all. I saw a pair of Burhoes but can find little info on them. Any of you have experience with them?

Hello Tommy,

A few years back I owned a pair of Burhoe Light Blues and they were genuinely excellent speakers...as you would expect. Think of a Large Advent but with much better more musical high end.

If you want specs on the various Burhoe Acoustics models there is a listing of them at www.humanspeakers.com


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Guest hongman

Hello to the Classic Speaker Group Members from a newbie to the list!!

I ran across this link reviewing a Burhoe designed speaker called the "Slient Speaker" >


I have owned a pair of EPI/Epicure 602's since my college days, and came to love their sound. Unfortunately, they are sitting in my garage due to space limitations in my small living room, and I am currently using a pair of Definitive BP Towers.

I need to make space in my basement to set these EPI's up again soon!!

Steve :)

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I took a chance on a pair of Burhoe "Reds" (the less expensive 2 way) at a local Salvation army for $ 4.00, yes, four dollars for the pair. They were pretty rough looking ,in bad need of re-foaming but fortunately all original parts. I took them home did the nessessary repairs cleaned them up,and hooked them up to my NAD 2200 amp/1155 pre amp and technics turntable and they blew me away!(that was the best four bucks I have ever spent) I want to tell you they sound 100's of times better than they look! I have a nice pair of Klipsch F1 speakers that I thought sounded remarkable until I found these.

Being converted,I have since bought a a pair of EPI 150's from the early '70's and, again a fantastic full range speaker, that new technology just can't match!

my advise is that anything with Winslow Burhoe's name attached to it ,buy it you won't be dissapointed!

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