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AR 1 3/8" tweeter 4 and 8 ohm versions?


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Hi there;

My eyes cannot seem to find the final, as in, carved in stone, that is, verdict, regarding the older 1 3/8" Alnico tweeters, as used in AR-3, AR-3T, AR-3ST and AR-2A and early AR-2AX's.

My understanding was that the AR-3, (AR-3ST and AR-3T, I may stand corrected on these two), used a 4 ohm version tweeter.

An 8 ohm version tweeter was assumed to be used in the AR-2A and early AR-2AX's.

A recent write-up mentioned that, Roy F Allison, in about 2000, wrote or mentioned, to the best of his memory, that AR used the same tweeter, which would have been the 4 ohm version.

Tom believed that he saw, somewhere, that there was two different part numbers.

Is this correct?

Does anyone have the DCR of both tweeters?

Co-incidently, there has been an increase, since I read that recent write-up at least, of AR-3 tweeters for sale on ebay.

Just as I saw a market change when Advent woofers were advertised as removed from Dalquist DQ-10's.

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As Villchur and Allison said, there was only one, count them 1, version of the AR 1-3/8-in-diam phenolic dome tweeter. It is a 4-Ohm tweeter with a dc resistance of 2 Ohms.


Hi John;

Thank you, John.

After over 40 years of mis-identifying, it is now carved in stone.

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