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Bypassing Pots on AR2ax

Guest Terry Again

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Guest Terry Again

Hi All,

I'd like to bypass the tweeter pot for a start. If my ears like the sound go on to do the same to the mid pot? This is IF my pots are shot? If my tweeters are blown what should I use to replace them beside the original ones off of Fleabay!! The same for the mids as someone before me replaced the mids with god knows what? I was thinking Vifa drivers? Not much out there in a 3/4" tweeters how about a 1" one? What size Mid should I go with then? with out cutting up the speaker cabinet!? Last but not least, what woofer would be good with these IF I have to? I wonder where to get new pots from IF my ears don't like the bypassing? Keeping in mind I'm Poor as I'm disabled from brain damage and on disability from Government!! Thank you for paying your taxes so I can try to feed and house a family of 4 on 900 a month with a 700 a month house payment!!

Thanks for any help,


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