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modded A35?


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Any of you care to hazard a guess as to what might have gone on here? Check the images on eBay auction #290209823350 and look at the speaker posts.

Hi there;

I just looked at the pair of A-35's model #27 on that auction.

The one is from year 1975 week 48 of production.

The extra machine screw and wire are non-stock Dynaco items.

The mention that it is for, lightning strike prevention, raises my gray eyebows more than just a little.

From the front, not close-up enough for a better view of the screw heads, the drivers may or may not not have been removed since the factory.

Other than a direct hot lead to the tweeter, perhaps, maybe even bypassing the capacitor or better yet, the switch, I see no other reason for the single lead-in.

Or maybe a new lightning arrester technology.

I sure don't want to live in that state, that is for sure.

My initial view, I thought, a surface fuseholder, but NO.

I would not ask the seller to open up one and take a photo of the crossover area as there may be damage done in the process.

Or go ahead and ask.

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