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A discussion of AR ..


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Reposted from an email to me with permission of the author:

I stumbled upon your site by accident. I own a pair of AR-3s--still

use them and the AR turntable. Purchased them in the 60s while in


I had a particular affinity for this company. I remember the Brattle

St. showroom quite well and a distant cousin (still living in

Lexington, MA) was their vp of marketing.

For excellent discussion (over 70 pages worth) of the company, can be

found in case studies created by the Harvard Business School. These

are reprinted in a college textbook: Business Policy, Text and Cases.

MY copy is the 1969 edition published by Richard D. Irwin. The

editors/authors are Learned, Christensen, et al. The book also has

very good discussion of the "phonograph industry"

I don't know how far back Harvard B School cases go, but perhaps

copies of the four case studies (and the phonograph note) can be

obtained from HBS directly.

I haven't read these cases since 1969/70, but they were great. I'm

tempted to re-read them tonight.

Good luck in tracking them down, if interested.

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