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AR 9's given to me


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Hello Everyone,

Not to make any one out there jealous or envious but about 3 weeks ago I was speaking to a co-worker and we somehow got on the subject of stereo equipment, and I mentioned how I was really into vintage audio. Ray, ( the co-worker) looked at me and said, " Really, how about some old loudspeakers? They're AR9'S, do you know what those are? " I said, " Oh yeah, I know them. " He then went on to tell me about a friend of his who was moving, and didn't have room for most of his stereo equipment, and gave Ray his vintage AR9's. I answered " Wow. That's great! " Ray looked at me and said, Are you interested in them? " I answered, " Sure am. How much would you want for them? " He looked at me and said, " Just take them. I'm never going to use them. "

Well, I almost fell over. The hardest part of the whole transaction was "convincing " my wife that I was " exchanging " some old speakers with Ray, which I was as I'd I given Ray some homemade ones I'd asssembled, and then getting the monsters up my stairs and into my " Stereo " room. As expected, the foam was rotted on the woofers, but other than that they are mint. I've already completed one re-foam, and GEEZ, now I know what all the fuss is about regarding these sweet babies. I'm hearing stuff in recordings I've never heard before.

Oh yeah, Ray's friend also gave him a Pioneer RT-901 10" open reel deck, but I couldn't finagle that transaction.

I'm new to this site, but it's a great one, keep up the good work!



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Guest OpusX


Some of us may be envious, but most of us are happy for your good fortune. And we know that another pair of AR-9s has found a good home and will be taken care of and appreciated.

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Guest Nigel


I second Peter's note.

I'd like to suggest that you replace the capacitors and internal wiring as you re-foam the woofers. See the article on this site about re-doing AR94 speakers.


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