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AR-5 Cross-overs


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I have a pair of AR-5's with the huge condenser blocks and one is crumbling to the point where one of the wires is no longer embedded within the block. I have put tape on top of it to keep it in the block but I don't know if it will stay. I have emailed Layne audio a week and a half ago but got no response at all.

I am looking for alternative cross-over assemblies or effective repair options. Any suggestions from this forum will be very helpful.



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I can help you replace those old technology clunkers, but you need to give me the crosover info thats printed on it. With that I'll stear you to a supply of audiophile quality metalilzed polypropylene caps.

While your at it, give me the values on all the caps you see on you xover. They should all be replaced as long as you have the guts ripped out. Believe me, you won't regret it. The info. in need is the Capacitance (in Micofarads or it looks like this: uF) and the voltage.

The Speakerdoctor

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