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AR Model 338

Guest Box O'Rox

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Guest Box O'Rox

Greets all, New Member here!

Recently purchased a pair of AR mod. 338's...afterwards discovered that the low drivers had been replaced with cheapo 4ohm ( probably car stereo ) but I can't find any info on this model. I realize these probably don't qualify as "classic" AR's ( manufactured '94 )....but if anyone can help with details, especially where I might find replacement drivers ( originals or newer/better ) I would be soooo happy....my beloved Old Monster Yamaha amp does not like 4ohm, and these cabinets are literally 10 outta 10...looked like they had just come out of the box...couldn't get the cash out of my pocket fast enough, so cheap I won't even feel the new driver price ( Divorcee yard sale!! ). Great site, glad to be on board! ANY help GREATLY appreciated!!

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