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Avid 103


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Guest mozart98

I was wondering if you still have the 103 and where you are located?



I own a pair of avid 103s I was a music student and hi fi fanatic way back. I bought the 103s because of a review I read says thay were like the ar3as but cheaper. I paid $400.00 a pair discounted from $600.00 a pair ( this was Canada with excessive mark ups that decade.) I went to the store with test records,

Mahler, folk music and I think a movie sound track. I stayed for over 1 and 1/2 hours comparing to other speakers then took them home. They are still my main speakers for all kinds of music. Everyone tells me to get with the times , new improvements etc but to match 42htz on a test record for real would cost me a small fortune. You have found an avid fan. Good luck on your purchase quest.


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