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KLH fifteen phono

Guest evibeman

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Was the origianl Garrard turntable Gray or cream colored? Mine has a gray Garrard table. Thnx in advance!

I'm not familiar with your KLH 15, but the turntable is different (both the color and the tonearm) from the Garrards that were used in the more common KLH compact stereos.

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You have a early KLH phono system - the Model Eleven came first, portable and Eleven W a shelf version,1962-63. Then the Model Fifteen, circa 1964 with a early larger headshell and the grey changer base. The Fiften came with speakers just like the later Model Nineteen, two 3" drivers in a cabinet 8.5 x 8 x 14 inches. Not nearly as many of these were made when compared to the models Tewnty and Twenty Four from 1965-70.

These systems from KLH set the standard for modular units which the industry copied in the comming years, but no one could quite match KLH !


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