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"New" EPI 2 series


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I helped out anAK'er by picking up nice pair of 201's on my local craigslist. When I went to pick them up seller told my he had another set of EPI's if I'd be interested. Well after testing and seeing one woofer was rattling (surround starting to come loose) and $30 I am proud owner of my first EPI's the M202's. They need a bit of work. Cab's have some dings and 2 of the grills are too warped to fit. Fixed up the loose surround and am enjoying these immensely. They don't go as low as my AR 2AX but there's plenty of bass output to keep me happy. And top end is a pleasure. A bit of midrange suck out but not bad. Will recap next weekend then need to start fixing up the cabs and grills.

Anyone have suggestions for either flattening out the warped grills or cutting new one's?



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