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Dynaco speaker specifications


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Hi there;

Another boring time, so here goes nothing.

I don't remember Dynaco testing their own speakers, as AR did.

At least not publish the data to the extent that AR did.

They did re-publish reviewers various reviews and photos of the A-25's transient response.

This was Dynaco's claim to fame, a smooth impedance curve, via the aperiodic design.

This gave the amplifiers a much smoother load to handle.

I don't remember any artist's photos or special applications of use advertised, associated with the A-25's.

I don't think that they had their own anechoic chamber for testing, in the USA at least.

Don't remember any comparisons to any other brand or model of speaker.

This would apply to the classic A-10's, A25's, A-35's and the A-50's.

All of the engineering appears to be from Denmark and nowhere else.

Of course the final decision to have the A-25 be 8 ohms, rather than the prototypes 4 ohms, came from the USA head office.

I guess they just sold on Dynaco's history of good and reliable value products.

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