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AR6's in victoria bc

Guest tim t

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Hello people, i noticed today while browsing used victoria.com that there is an original owner pair of AR6's complete with stands for $160 can dollars...i have a set of new large advents bullnose walnut version purchased for $100.00 refoamed in september , a pair of klh 17's i purchased from the original owner for $20.00 3 weeks ago and my pair of infinity QA's i purchased in 1981, so i don't need the 6's. The AR6's look mint and it is the wife who is selling them, they were purchased in 1973...i'm also beginning to see/understand the "more power thing" i figured my 2003 yamaha rx596 with 80rms/channel should have had the cajones to play the klh's, they require more than the advents, i digress,,my understanding is that the AR's require even more power,...the infinity's however are more efficient than either the advents or klh's, in my humble opinion though, the best speaker of the bunch is the new advent, hav'nt re-capped any of them yet, got a set of working emits though to restore the infinity's...oh by the by there are also some advents and some BA's on the same site, it's an aging and fairly moneyed community on this island, so original owner in good to mint is easy to find....question is...shipping....Ahhhhhhhh the love of music...cheers tim :)

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