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A bit of fun with a Hearing test


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The following online hearing test may be a bit of fun, and reveal at least a little information.

I did receive the following comment from another member;

"Without calibrated headphones, you have to take them with a grain of salt."


I used a pair of HD-25 and chose the -30dB level as a reference.

So now I know I don't need to throw away my midrange and tweeters, yet!

Just bit of fun!


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A few years ago, a BAS (Boston Audio Society) member who is an audiologist had the monthly meeting at his office, where he has a specially-equipped hearing test chamber. Because he's an audiophile and very interested in these things, his test facilities are equipped to measure human hearing all the way up to 20 kHz, unlike most standard audiologist's tests, which usually go only up to 8 Khz or so.

It was quite amusing, actually, as a bunch of graying, middle-aged audiophiles had our hearing tested. Being a little younger than the mean sample (I had just passed the mid-century mark at that time) and never having been a rock music fan, I hoped my hearing was still pretty good.

As it turns out, I was flat to about 12 Khz, still strong out to around 16 kHz, and a wishful memory by 18 kHz. I did show a 3 dB notch in my right ear around 10 kHz, however. The Dr. asked me if I'd ever been in an accident, worked construction, or anything like that.

"I was a very active jazz drummer in my youth--not loud rock and roll--and in jazz, you use the ride cymbal quite a lot, which is located to your right as you sit behind the drums."

"Well, there it is. That explains the notch."

Overall, however, I'll take it. Not too bad for fifty-something.

Steve F.

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