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Refoaming in the UK


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Does anyone know of a company offering a speaker refoaming service in the UK? I've just got an old pair of AR25s which are in great condition - except for the foam on the woofers which is almost completely gone.

I've found companies in the US offering refoaming but no-one here in the UK, and I don't fancy doing it myself. Shipping the speakers to the US would probably not be worth it...

Thanks for any help!


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Guest Nigel

Hi Sam;

There is this guy in Serbia:



You may want to contact the UK guys on this site:


I am going the diy route as I have about a dozen 8" units to do, and four 12" - all AR. But I have not yet determined where to purchase the kits.


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I have used the folowing company. They use high quality Butyl Rubber not foam for refoaming. So the repair will probably outlive the owner! This has a very minor change in the sound, in my opinion for the better... They are: Mayfield Lodspeakers, 238 Gooch Street, Birmingham, B5 7HF. Tel: 01216 221 122. Good Luck!

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