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AR94's and Home Theatre


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Purchased a pair of AR94's in 1985 (AUS$495) and had been really happy with them. However, last year I trod the home theatre path and replaced the speakers. I opted for a Polk Audio system and now have R40's for the mains, R10's for the surrounds and a CSi245 for the centre (no sub). I also upgraded the receiver and have a Yamaha RXV-620 which is pretty cool. These speakers pump out an OK sound in DD and DTS but the sound quality is rather average in 2-channel mode. It's taken me a while but after 9 months I've realised what was missing. Clarity and bass, bass, bass!.

So I've reclaimed the AR94's from the parents (Mum reckoned they were ugly looking anyway) and have replaced the R40's. Immediately, I've noticed a huge improvement in music quality in 2-channel mode, However, I'm not sure about the HT side of things as all speakers should have the same "timbre" is possible and I'm wondering if the remaining Polks are an ideal match for the AR94's.

So, I would appreciate some help with following queries:

(1) I may audition some more centre/surround speakers to match the AR's, so what I should listen for?

(2) What brand speakers (and models?) could be a possible match to the AR94's. eg. JBL, B&W, etc.

(3) Would I be better off adding a subwoofer for HT and music and sticking with the Polk system.

Great website!

Thanks, Potts.

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Guest Nigel

Hi Potts;

I am assembling a HT system with AR93's for the mains. I am using AR18S's for the surrounds, and deciding between two options for the center:

(1) another pair of AR18S,

(2) building a center channel with AR18 drivers.

I have acquired all of these on ebay this year.

If you are skilled at woodworking, consider building your own copies of classic AR speakers. Layne has many AR drivers available.


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