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Question on Teledyne AR-8 LS speakers

Guest Amenon

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Good evening all.

Does anyone here have indicative performance specs for a pair of Teledyne AR-8 LS bookshelf speakers? I bought them in the UK in the early 1980s and have been happily using them for over 20 years now. I had the cones replaced a few years ago and they sound fine to my untrained and non-expert ears.

The reason for my question is that I am thinking of buying a new amp - Roth MC4 - and have been kindly recommended (by Mr. J. Roth himself !) to use good, high sensitivity speakers with the amp in order to fully enjoy the results. So now I would like to determine whether or not my current speakers can be considered "good" by current market standards, or if I should really be looking at new speakers too. In the latter case I'd start hunting for small speakers with a good price/performance ratio - any hints on this front would also be very welcome.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can give any help or advice. Apologies if this subject has been discussed before - I tried searching the forum but had no luck...

With best regards,


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