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Sensitivitiy (SPL) of Dynaco A-25 Speakers

Guest Sal Brisindi

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Guest Sal Brisindi

Hi there,

I recently aquired a set of Dynaco A25 speakers to be used with my Dynaco ST-70 amp. These speakers sound great. Does anyone know the specs of them as far as the SPL ratings?


Sal Brisindi

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Hi Sal;

I've never seen any published spec's from Dynaco as a speaker system or for the individual drivers.

That includes my working at the Dynaco warantee depot.

For that matter, graphs were not a published item either.

Most speaker reviews showed a few transient response photos, which was Dynaco's main goal.

Fusing information was at least published for the classic speakers.

AR by far, had the most detailed factory test data that I ever saw, as a customer.

AR had by far the very best parts and technical support for the warantee depots, extremely generous.

After saying all of the above, I wonder if any reviewer ever noticed the different Seas and Scan drivers used, at least in the A-25's.

I certainly never read any comment in the media about the two different drivers and cabinet driver locations.

My only comment and this is valid only for the A-25 speaker system, we went through 100 - 10" woofers for every tweeter replaced.

I cannot vouch whether most were all covered under warantee or not.

There was exceptions to the rule, even back then.

The tweeter was much more durable that the woofers, that is for sure.

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Guest Sal Brisindi

Thanks for the information, for a "small" set of speakers, I am really happy with the sound out of them.


Sal Brisindi

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>Thanks for the information, for a "small" set of

>speakers, I am really happy with the sound out of them.



>Sal Brisindi

Hi again Sal;

Please do not use the word, "small", with the Dynaco A-25.

In it's day and still even today, if you were to blind test A-25's against systems up to several thousand dollars a pair, you would be amazed on the deception of this sweetie.

This would be with all speakers hidden from view by a sheet of some transparent material.

They sound much larger that their diminutive size.

Yes, it will be deficient at some points compared to the really expensive systems.

This would need a really good quality amplification system used, not a cheapo.

In it's day, sound listening comparisons were made against KLH Nines, AR-3A's, Janszen's and many other high quality systems.

The fact that they sold for under $100.00 each new, speaks very well of it's great cost per dollar value.

Here in Vancouver, they were bottomed out at $53.00 CDN each one day, only 2 pair were available at that door-opening price, though.

With my own listening tests, I would have had a hard time recommending AR-3A's at almost $400.00 CDN each here at that time.

I was plugging the Larger Advents instead of the AR-3A's to friends.

An in home demo pursuaded me to even try to trade down to Larger Advents.

The only Advent dealer here was going to be generous and trade even steven.

Needless to say, I kept the AR-3A's and started adopting Larger Advents and Dynaco A-25's, etc about 10 years ago.

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>Hi Colin;


>My big bros went through AR-4X's, AR-2AX's, AR-5's, AR-3A's,

>AR-LST's, KEF 107's and Dynaco A-25's.


>After the fact, he commented, he felt, the AR-2AX's offered

>the best sound for the money.

Hi again Colin;

A major negative issue he had, was with the A-25's.

Falling for J Gordon Holt's rave review of the A-25, he bought a pair one Saturday morning.

He went from AR-3A's down to Dynaco A-25's, only for 1/2 hour mind you, then he returned them to the store and borrowed my AR-4X's until his later speakers arrived.

We do not know which version, Scan or Seas he had.

Myself, I have A-25's, A-35's and A-50's, etc, on their own I find them each enjoyable within their limitations.

I have never A - B'd them, I know there is a slight difference between them.

I received a pair of destroyed AR-2's a few months ago.

The seller shipped me a replacement pair of later AR-2AXs at no charge to compensate me.

I look forward to testing these babies out, after a good cleanup.

"You can never have too many hifi speakers", is my motto.

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