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Dynaco A-10 woofers


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Anyone know the impedance of the woofers that went into Dynaco A-10s? I believe the SYSTEMS were 8 ohm, but I want to replace a couple of dead woofers with temporary decent quality non-Dynaco woofers in a pair I got for free and I want to get the impedance right. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Colin;

The woofers used in the classic Dynaco speakers are all 8 ohms each, whether Scan or Seas, with the exception of the A-50 woofers, which used, 2 - 16 ohm 10" woofers in parallel giving you 8 ohms.

This includes only the A-10, A-25, and A-35 speaker systems in my comment.

They also all used the same 8 ohm tweeter, there again Scan or Seas.

I was given 1/2 of an A-10 speaker system, the enclosure with the tweeter only, I have not had the chance to listen to a pair in my home.

There was later models which is another story, for another day.

I have seen the odd woofer for the A-10 on ebay but not very often.

Finding a suitable replacement other than maybe a new Seas replacement may not work too well.

Remember that this is not a bass reflex or acoustic suspension enclosure and not just any woofer will fill the bill here.

I would suggest looking out for used raw Dyanco woofers.

Good luck.

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Thanks, Vern. I let one pair of A-10 woofers slip away on Ebay several months ago. I was just too slow hitting Buy it Now, which was about $40 plus shipping for the pair, I think. I noticed a pair of inexpensive woofers on Ebay the other day with rubber surrounds for something like $21 delivered. I'm sure they're not the highest quality, but I thought for the price of a steak dinner it might be worth it to put 'em in and see what I get. Then I poked around that website and noticed that the frame sizes and screw spacing of 6 1/2 inch woofers isn't always exactly the same, so I figure I'd better get out my measuring tape before I buy anything. A note on A-10s: I restored a fully functional pair and sold them recently. Really nice little speakers! On stands, I was surprised by how authoritative they could sound, especially when I gave them a little help with my subwoofer. Nice little speakers. Anyway, thanks for your help. I'll look for a bargain 6 1/2 with appropriate frame size and screw spacing until I can find the real deal. Best, Colin

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Put away your tape measure and number of screws.

Unless there is an interchangeable Seas or Scan currently made equivalent woofer, then just wait for one or two used ones to come long.

There are a number of good speakers that need new drivers, but, and it is a big but, not just any physical driver is suitable.

There is sellers that list replacement woofers and tweeters for several classic speaker brands, but, they are usually a different impedance or more efficient, as in louder.

The impedance seems be 6 ohms for a lot of systems today.

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Hi there;

A caution to those members interested in bidding for a pair of A-10's described as having a small piece of glue rattling around or something.

Very likely this is the bubbled wire insulation coating or loose voice coil or both.

Either way it would mean a new woofer.

Hope this helps members in making a wise investigative decision.

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