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questions about materials used to make AR spekaers


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I've started to take a look at my AR-2a for the planned 2-ax upgrade, though I haven't order the parts from Layne Audio yet. Came across some things I've been wondering about.

First, the stuffing (?) inside the speakers, what material is this made of. Is it dangerous (i.e. abstesos, etc...)? Should I wear a mask etc... when messing with the stuff? Should I use something else when I put things back together?

Also, the sealant/glue stuff the keeps the woofer and plates in place? What is this stuff? What's the best way to get rid of it? What should I replace it with when I put things back together?

Sorry for so many questions. I'm a newbie. Ordered Louspeaker design cookbook via InterLibrary Loan, so may get some questions answered there, but help if you can. Thanks.


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Hi Greg;

I'll take your parts one at a time.

>First, the stuffing (?) inside the

>speakers, what material is this

>made of. Is it

>dangerous (i.e. abstesos, etc...)?

>Should I wear a mask

>etc... when messing with the

>stuff? Should I use

>something else when I put

>things back together?

It is fiberglass, same pre-cautions: mask, eye protection, gloves. Soem use polyester batting instead - available in the craft section at Wal-mart. The amount used may effect the sound of your speakers. Consult with Layne for his recommendation.

>Also, the sealant/glue stuff the keeps

>the woofer and plates in

>place? What is this

>stuff? What's the best

>way to get rid of

>it? What should I

>replace it with when I

>put things back together?

The screws hold them in place, the sealant is an annoyance in that regard. Carefully scrap it off. Use a good silicone chaulk when you reassemble.


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