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KLH Model Six

Guest ddavejb

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>Rescued these today from a trip to the local landfill!

>Unbelievable! Some cleaning and polishing and now they look

>as good as they sound.

A great find for you.

It was a shame that something so treasured by others would have been so worthless to some else.

You certainly now know where to hang out, though.

Your next date can be hanging out at the local dump.

As long as your date if very, very understanding.

Enjoy the classic KLH sound.

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Guest slbender

I also 'rescued' a pair of KLH 6's, in my case, nearly five years ago, and I use them for my 'TV' sound. That includes a vintage CD Player, some VCR's, and DVD. With its somewhat mid-60's, the 6's can be a little heavy on the male voices, but really quite similar to the AR-2/AR-3 sound more or less. Due to the 'cloth' sorround they should last forever, if you don't blow out the tweeters. KLH 6's are way more efficient than older AR's aand are usable on amps 10-45 Watts per channel without fears.

A great find for you.

-Steven L. Bender

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