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ar3 phasing


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they say that the ar3 and a3a midrange and tweeter was hooked out of phase with the woofer. some say it sounds better when hooked up in phase with the woofer. does any body have any thoughts on the idea? thanks john cota

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>they say that the ar3 and

>a3a midrange and tweeter was

>hooked out of phase with

>the woofer. some say it

>sounds better when hooked up

>in phase with the woofer.

>does any body have any

>thoughts on the idea?

>thanks john cota


John, my thought is "phasing-smasing" try hooking them up each way and let your ears decide which is best. If you can't hear the difference - it's not worth worrying about!

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yes, one of my ar90 mid range was connected out of phase which resulted in a total loss in details on one side. I switched the leads and it was just heaven and earth. I have refoamed the mids and the woofers and also replaced the electrolytic caps. I owned the ar90s since 1982 and I have not yet heard anything better for this price.

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