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Epicure tweeter (one)

Guest gruss

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Just wondering if anyone needed this, I have a pair of epicure 2.0's that the last original driver finally bit the dust. Previous owner had shoehorned a genesis replacement in the other one and I have spares so i broke out the rotozip and voila, perfect match.

I should of measured it before posting but if you clicked here you probably know exactly what it is. Middle 80's, actuallly says "Epicure" on it, has the little ball in the middle etc.

So if you have a pair and you want to keep them "stock" yet still have a spare handy let me know we'll work something out. It will need to be sent it for a rebuild, it still plays but there's some crackling in it.

I don't need to sell it, just wanted to throw this out there in case someone needed it. I know if I still had the other tweeter I would have made them look stock, so since I dont I'll offer that opportunity to someone else!

Any questions gruss72atyahoodotcom

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