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AR-14's in SF for $35 (no affil)

Guest nathanso

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I went to that site, right after I first saw that link here.

There was a warning screen telling everyone not to do business with that seller and that it was a scam.

I did not make a note of the time, or date, I went there, or copy word for word what was written.

My main concern was to pass on the warning first, for all members.

Otherwise, I would not have posted my message.

I just read your message a few minutes ago, and I just went again to that link.

There is no warning now, or any indication there ever was a warning, as I see it tonight.

I do not know where that message came from, or where it went to, but, I standby what I saw that very first visit.

I do not know how to hack, but it may have been a person interested in that particular item.

$35.00 sounds like a steal to me.

What does (no affil) mean in your heading topic?

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