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9 Series Drivers


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I got my AR 92's right from the factory in Canton, MA (a friend's father worked there)around 1981. Spent every penny I had, but it was the best investment I have ever made. They're still amazing after 20+ years!

Blew out the tweeters with an Akai receiver about 1983, replaced with driver's from the factory.

The woofers rotted about 10 years ago, and I bought replacements from AR. QUESTION: They seem a little different from originals and I believe are paper. Were the original woofers cloth like the dome tweeter and midrange?

Another question: It may be time to replace the mids. Before I speak with Laynes or other sources, can you tell me where the current stock of replacement drivers are manufactured and when?

Are there original (circa 1980) drivers available? If not who makes them? How's the quality?

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The last series of 10" replacement drivers weren't nearly as good a match to the originals as the 8" and 11" models. The curently available 10" replacement woofers are being made by a new contract manufacturer and are a much closer match to the "later" style AR 10's.

The stock 9 series woofers were paper cone with foam surrounds. Cloth surrounds only came on the early cast frame 10's and a very few of the early production 6-hole stamped frame/ pot magnet 10's [all back in the 60's].

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