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Tweeters for AR4x And AR2AX


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New factory replacements are available for the 2ax tweeters, and we might have an original take-out from a 3a [same part as most later 2ax's].

The 4x tweeter is a dinosaur, no original replacements are available. If you want to keep them stock you'll have to dig up a used original. Converting to a dome type tweeter will greatly improve their sound quality.

4x tweeters were crossed over waaaayyyy too low, around 1.2 kHz, and only at 6dB. The stock crossover is a single 20uf cap, changing this to a 10uf will improve their reliability and sound quality by raising the XO point to a more reasonable 2 kHz. It would also do to check the woofer coils in both 4x cabinets to make sure they are the same. I have seen several “pairs” of these with mismatched woofer coils. A 0.3mH coil would mate the stock 8” woofer with the tweeter quite well, stock coils I’ve seen ranged from 0.5mH up to 1.4mH.

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Guest orionkc

I just found this thread while reading through many others. I have a set of AR4x's. I was thinking about recapping and have a set of Kimber Kap 6.0uf's. I bought 2 sets while doing my AR3's. What will happen if I install the Kimber 6.0uf instead of the 20 or for that matter a 10? The original are big blue sprague 20uf capacitors. Do they loose their capacitance over time?



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