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Speaker cloth

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Hi there;

I was just reading an old, ADC, Audio Dynamics Corporation, an older US manufacturer, manufacturers retail sheet dated Oct/70.

There was an interesting issue for their model ADC-450A speaker system.

They claimed that they used a specially developed grille cloth for that particular speaker system.

The maximum visual opacity, with no acoustic loses, up to 9 Khz and less than 1 - 1/3 db loss from 9 Khz - 30 Khz.

This is the first time I have read anything about grille cloth frequency restrictions, with exception to the foam grille cloths of the '60's -'70's.

JBL, I believe used this type of foam cloth.

Radio Shack sold several different colours for use with any speaker system as a replacement grille cloth.

If I remember correctly, they claimed it was basicly almost the equivalent to air.

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Hi again;

I have been asked by a member how the foam cloth was mounted onto their frames.

Actually it was not a foam cloth but foam sheets or slabs, with an ice cube pattern on their fronts.

You could cut the pieces to size with sissors if you needed to cut them down.

They were about the size of an AR-3A cabinet front.

I never bought any, even though I saw my own AR-3A beige linen clothes becoming discoloured with time.

I will guess that they were held on by velcro strips, which were probably an added purchase, and extra job to install.

I think that that foam deteriorated with time, just like the woofer surrounds.

They did claim it had no sound resistance, equal to air.

Thank you for the question.

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