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Trivia 20070311 veneer

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Hi there;

A little trick when you have a walnut cabinet with a veneer shallow dingle.

Lay the cabinet so that the dingle is horizontal facing upward.

Get an eye dropper or equal.

Using clean tap water, drip a few drops of water onto the dingle for 10 or 15 minutes or so.

Add water as need be to keep that surface moist.

Afterwards, use a blow dryer or equal directly onto the dingle.

The wood usually swells back out to it's former shape if it is not too major.

Not a miracle cure but may just be what the doctor ordered.

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Guest driranek

I agree - I've done this not only on speakers but also on expensive furniture. I used a clothes iron rather than the blow drier, and I've heard that VERY careful use of a soldering iron or wood burning tool can help on deeper dents. You want to rapidly boil the water without burning the wood...and soldering irons don't always take well to a rapid temp drop of 300+ degrees.

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Hi David;

I remember the old steam iron trick.

Using a damp cloth, iron away.

This was before it was manly to have a blow dryer in the toolbox.

Now almost every man has a blow dryer along side his soldering iron, Ridgid pipe wrench and skilsaw. LOL

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