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Marantz Imperial 8's - Woofers

Guest Tucker99

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Guest Tucker99

So I just picked up a pair if Imperial 8's that are in the 'fix-em-upper' catagory so I have a few questions for the collected genius of the Classic Speaker family.

Cabinets not bad...will need to be taken down and re-finsihed but the corners and edges are perfect ... no foam on the grill but I will make a cloth cover for that.

Crossovers all working...I know you would recommend a re-cap.

Mids just need foams...no issue once I source the correct size, locally if possible, otherwise order.

My big issue is the 12" woofers. One just needs foam but the other is in shambles. No foam, no cone, and the wrapped copper coil is in my left hand while the speaker is on the bench!! Can this puppy be repaired? Can a real amatuer do it or better left to an actual speaker repair guy (I have several locally but have not taken the patient in yet)? Do you think a 12" Marantz woofer in that condition worth the effort? The paper cones are that blue colour...can one still find blue cones, does it actually matter to the vintage character or is some other colour acceptable...do the two speakers have to match colour-wise...can the paper cone be painted a matching colour before re-furbishment? Is the 'vintage value' (whatever it is) worth keeping the Imperial 8's totally stock or should I actually consider a substitute woofer that might actually improve the sound? What would a good alernate be ...something consistent with the value of the speakers once re-furbished? Obviously, I must factor the cost of replacing two woofers vs rebuilding one (re-foaming the other is negligible).

If it is any help to you all, there are some numbers on the back of the speaker (not sure if these are meanigful to my questions)


137 7431

And the magnet on the back is 5" diameter x 5/8" thick sandwhiched between two 5" diameter x 3/8" thick cast aluminum disks.

This project is not a business for me so the economics are just one issue...I just don't want to go off the chart with the cost of either the repair or the purchase of substitute woofers, just wondering what my most prudent course of action might be.

Sorry for so many questions.

Thanks for your help.

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Guest bloom2708

I love old vintage speakers, but I'm not so adept at fixing them, so I can't help out with that side.

I have a pair of Marantz Imperial 8's that may be able to help you out.

Cabinets are nice (some scratches), bases are still nice.

Tweeters appear ok, one of the center cones is pushed in.

4 or 5 of 6 mid ranges are in need of foam surrounds. (easy or hard??)

The woofers appear perfect, but I'm not sure how "fragile" the foam surrounds are.

Anyway, I have about 6 "extra" pairs of speakers in my house and my wife is none too happy about it.

So I'd part with these if would help you. Shipping won't be fun, but the price might be right. I could provide photos.

I'm in Fargo, ND 58104 zip.

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