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AR9 Crossover Cap Replacement

Guest Barrydor

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Guest Barrydor

After 23 years, the time has come to replace the crossover caps in my AR9s.

I considered replacing all of the bipolar electrolytic caps except the large value woofer caps with Solen film caps. This would include an 80uF cap used for the lower midrange driver, which would be replaced with a film cap.

The woofer caps, which are a very large value, would be replaced with new bipolar electrolytics with small value film bypass caps.

I have read two schools of opinion regarding the replacement of bipolar electrolytics in the crossover with film caps. One school says that the quality of sound should improve.

The other says that since the original component parameters were taken into account when the crossover was voiced, replacing the bipolar electrolytics with film caps could cause unexpected anomolies and could possibly ruin the sound of the speaker.

I would welcome any improvement in sound, but I am not interested in ruining the qualities I have enjoyed from these speakers.

Any opinion or experience with the replacement of crossover caps with film caps in AR speakers would be welcomed.



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