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Any OHM F owners out there? I picked mine up at EBAY about 2,3 years ago. Cabinets and tops in great condition but of course the 12" foam surrounds were greatly deteriorated. There was one other major problem in that the voice coil was damaged and the cone would not move. Now in retrospect maybe I could have separated the voice coil from the cone without damage but maybe not. I wound up getting an undamaged cone from ebay but at a hefty price. I used 12" angled foam surrounds for replacement, a tricky process but doable. I also noticed that the inner foam also feels very soft to the touch. I am posting on this site because after all the F's are a closed box system and OHM company is close to New England. When the foams were first repalaced the sound was very boomy but now after about 30 hours of play the bass is quite satisfying. Anyway I have been listening to the OHM F's instead of the AR3a lately. If anyone has additional tips on placement, stuffing etc., it would be appreciated. Also does anyone have a copy of the manual?

Julian Kowalczyk


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