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KEF 107 Thirst for Power

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Hi there;

Just a little of my rattling and rambling of the KEF 107 test report done in Audio magazine about 15 years ago.

For those of you who may have read of English hifi buffs with their powerhouse amps of 10 - 15 watts per channel, I offer a different story tonight.

I believe the review on the KEF's was about 12 - 15 pages long and when I dig it up I can confirm the true facts, if need be.

My copy is buried in my messy museum, but the story still goes on.

They start out, or introduced during the testing a custom made amp of 5,000 watts per channel.

That is not a typing error, 5,000 watts.

It was felt that now, they would not have a power limit to their testing technique.

The tests were run from the woofer up through to the tweeter.

When the tweeter was being tested the amp was running out of steam at 5,000 watts per channel.

I can only imagine that it was loud, and it was not sustained.

They were trying out the durablity of the drivers and obviously their hearing must be going as well. lol

I think that they are only rated for a few hundred watts input, but you must admit there is a safety margin by a small factor.

I encourge all readers who don't understand fully amplifier power, loudness and vulnerablity of speakers to go to the www.crownaudio.com site.

Read their data regarding hifi amplifier power and how much is needed

and you'll be amazed at how underpowered we run our very inefficient speakers at.

Do you play at 85 dB?

They suggest 150 watt per channel for 85 dB.

Do you play at 95 dB?

They suggest 1,500 watts per channel for 95 dB.

This allows for 15 dB peaks.

Knowledge is neverending.

Have a good one.

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