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Dahlquist DQ-20 Crossover Schematic

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Guest nathanso

I'm considering a re-cap of my DQ-20s. Five of the six caps are clearly marked; the yellow one is not. It's marked 14J200V which I'm assuming means 14uF. Any ideas on that?

DQ-20 crossover shopping list (for a pair of speakers):






2-68uF (on bottom board)

All are 150V except the 68uF which is 35V. *Subject to confirmation.

Also, does anyone know why there's a cut off green wire on the center-bottom terminal? It looks as if this wire may have been relocated to the right-bottom terminal at some point.

The task doesn't seem too hard.. probably can do with both boards in place. The 68uF may be accessible via the binding post/fuse cover but there's a too-short blue wire that's preventing easy inspection of that right now.



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Hi there;

No schemetic found, but the manual from that site reads, that they used a 3 amp fast blow fuse for the 10" woofer and a 0.8 amp fast blow fuse for the 3/4" tweeter.

I saw one chassis mount fuseholder in a photo.

The speakers are rated 4 ohms.

Perhaps this is useful for AR and Advent speakers as well.

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