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Celestion Dittons Model 22's/ Any info? Links to Such?

Guest Tyreman

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Guest Tyreman

I have been left in will a pair of the above speakers.

Appear to be solid(?)oak finsh(?).All surrounds to the drivers(mid,bass) seem to be butyl rubber and in mint condition,as new.

They are of 3 way design and fairly hefty/weighty.

Playing the speakers in a home theatre setup seems to provide a seemless rear/surround channel sound(as they are connected this way),albeight with the fronts operating of course.

I am surprised at the cabinets condition. Only a couple small "niks",which I easily touched up, grilles 100% perfect.

Any information/links or valuation(cdn.$'s) would be welcome.

Thanking you very much in advance for any "celestion trivia" regarding the model 22's.

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