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HPM-150 or HPM100 Pioneer 1979 speakers


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I just got some HPM-150 pioneer 250watt / 125 watt , 6.3 ohm speakers. I am wondering what info I should know about since they are 6.3 and not 4 or 8 and most receivers are 4 or 8 / switchable.

What would be the best to run at, 4 or 8?

What happens if they are run at 4?

What happens if they are run at 8?

Can the receiver or speakers be damaged because they are not running at 6.3?

Would I want to put a resistor of 2 ohms on ?

Does you know of a site or place that has info on th HPM-150, they were built in 1979.

Would anyone there know if they have tubes or other special parts?

Also there are some lights on top that don't work and I was wondering if you have ever worked on HPM-150 or HPM-100.

http://www.classic-audio.com/pioneer/hpm0150.html is a pic of them.

Thanks very much for any information you can give me.


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