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EMI Speakers


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I just picked from our town Recycling center a pair of EMI speaker model 92 with the original manual..  So would love any info, I am playing them in my home office today and I do like the way they sound, and they do look cool.

I have a Philips Labs 7871 receiver pushing the tunes. Let me know what you think. 

The large speakers seem great they are oval shaped. There is also a not so good pair of tweeters in the center on metal bars holding them over, and perhaps they could be updated, as they look very tired. 

Let me know I look forward to hearing from you. One of the speakers had a EMI logo panel that is glued onto the fabric, the other speaker is Labeless 

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On 21.7.2016 at 6:45 PM, JKent said:

Thanks Robert. Wish I could get some other members interested but these aren't New England speakers--they're "Olde England" ;)


Hello Kent, Robert, David and other memebers too... I haven´t been around here for some time, but I found recently nice looking pair of Mordaunt Short MS-400 (sold as the original series 1 model). I have not received yet this nice looking original condition pair from early 70´s. I do not have any idea what they are, as information about these is scarce as hens teeth.

However, construction seems to be good as even back sides are veneered. According to spec sheet  this floor standing model does use 13x8" EMI woofer with laminated cone. MS-400 is not true 3-way design, as woofer is crossed to Kef T15 tweeter at  highish 2 kHz and Kef unit is crossed at 12 kHz to Coles supertweeter. EMI woofer design was aged in early 70´s and Kef T15 was early 60´s design. Coles 4001 is still in production, but I do not know when it was introduced. 

I let you know if there is something worth posting when I receive these speakers. They may be considered obsolete or "odd ball", but at least they are not standard run of the mill product. 

Maybe we'll start an EMI following here as Kent suggested.


MORDAUNT-SHORT MS400 edestä.jpg

MORDAUNT-SHORT MS400 edestä 2.jpg

MORDAUNT-SHORT MS400 takaa.jpg

Mordaunt Short MS-400.JPG

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Just joined today and interested to hear opinions and stuff on 2 like new EMI 29 cabinet speakers vintage 1960’s and Marantz Imperial 7’s. I have McIntosh amp,pre-amp, and tuner, dual turntable, and Planar Turntable. My father-in-law just gave me all this and more. Will appreciate any feedback

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Welcome Mike 

Your father-in-law must really love you!

What models are the components? Everything McIntosh is great. Rega Planar turntables also great. Dual TT good to great depending on model. I have very limited experience with EMI speakers but was impressed with what I heard and they are especially good with tube amps. I have no experience with Marantz speakers but believe they are well regarded. Check the woofers to see if they need new foam surrounds.

You may not get a lot of responses  on this “other “ section of our forum but hang in. You should also try the Audiokarma forums. You have a great collection of gear there! How about some photos? (edit them to about 100KB for best results


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Thanks Kent,

In answer to your question, I have:

McIntosh Pre-amp C22

McIntosh Amplifier ME 240

McIntosh Tuner MR 71

The EMI speakers (2) are Beautiful Cabinets without a scratch

Both the Dual and Rega Planar turntables have ShureX15 cartridges

I will look closer for identification on the speakers and turntables when I visit with him later this week.  I will also take some pics but they might not show the beauty since everything is housed in custom mahogany cabinets.  Everything works and is in wonderful condition - there are extra tubes as well.


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Hi guys, 

I'm just wondering which pair of emi speakers I have... Just bought them today and the have some issues.. 

So let's get back later on the issues, fot now I really would love to know which ones I got. 

They got the oval woofer, 1 mid-range (with rubber rings) and the decca London ribbon tweeter... 


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Just recently saved a pair of 630's from certain trash heap. No one wanted them from the estate sale.  I had to get then to safety even if i am 700 miles away.

I negotiated (begged) the inlaws to grab them. And secure them until I can get there. They look great. The owner has a nice coat of ivory pain on the cabitets which looks good with the tan/gold grill cloth. Can any one tell me the probable specs on these. Power ratings??? Frequency range?  


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Having had time to listen to these 630,s as well as having done a couple nights research. These have a very pleasant sharp sound to them. Sometimes surprising with details not heard before.

For the record what I have are the bookshelf version of the EMI speakers sold that year. There were 4 versions. I found a photo in a advertisement but now cannot find it. I also have this PDF which is big and detailed. I will try to post it up here.

No success. How do I upload a PDF from my file's??

By jove I think I got it


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