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RTR & Fulton speaker company


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Does anyone know the heritage of the RTR speaker brand? I remember a couple friends who had the 280 and 180 series. They also had a set of add on electrostats.

A am also curious if anyone knew of or heard the Fulton speakers. These I know where not mass market but they had there fans.

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I too would be interested in hearing from someone who knows some of the history of RTR. I remember way back in the '70s they had a fairly extensive line with a good following... The reviews of the day were typically favorable.

There is a current RTR brand which is owned by BIC America (another blast from the '70s... and I still use my BIC Beambox FM antenna...) I doubt there is much of a connection with the old company as their stuff looks to be mass market dreck, but to be fair, I've never taken a listen.

I was given a set of older RTRs a while back. From the style and materials they appear to be late '70s / early '80s vintage. The model ID is G-40. 8" woofer, 8" passive rad. and a dome tweeter. The passives had fallen apart due to foam rot (why I was given them), my intent was to repair and pawn them off. During the repair I noticed that the drivers were of decent quality and the cabinets were quite beefy... After I was done I gave them a listen and although I wouldn't say they were outstanding, they weren't that bad... nothing special about the high end, but the bass extention was good for an 8 inch driver. I've still got 'em....


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