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Which model did I have?

Guest gkentsmith

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Guest gkentsmith

Hi Cizek lovers,

In the late 70s I had a (for then) very impressive car stereo system. It consisted of an Alpine tape deck & radio, an Audiomobile (by Advent, of course) 100 watt per channel amp driving two Cizek home bookshelf loudspeakers which were mounted on a board in the back of my RX7. They had 8" woofers and a 1" ferro dome tweeter. These speakers were recommended to me for this use by the same friend who introduced me to the "stacked" Advents I had.

These were truly impressive speakers, and I was able to develop 118db SPL within the RX7. I now have tinitus to thank for that, but sorely miss these awesome little speakers.

The entire sound system was stolen from my car a few years (and multiple amplifiers - seems I had a tendency to overheat those poor things) later. By then, I was unable to find replacement Cizeks and went a different route for car audio, one that spared my hearing a bit.

If anyone recognizes the speakers and can tell me the model to search for I'd really appreciate it. Also, if there are any for sale, I'd certainly like to know about them.



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