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AR 12s - need new foam facings on midrange and new grills


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I purchased the above in 1979. They have been great but need work (wife wants to toss them... "too big..!", but what great sound!)

1) Are they worth repairing (no one else in this forum seems to have them.... They were the cheaper cousin of the AR11s.) How much should one be willing to pay to get back to "as new" form?

2) They have foam grills, which attach to the casing with velcro-like discs. The grills are starting to get a little crumbly. Can they be replaced?

3) Are there any reputable places in Maryland (preferably in the Baltimore area, but I could go as far as Washington D.C or Annapolis...) to evaluate and accomplish what may need to be done? I am reasonably handy, but I know NOTHING about speakers.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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Guest rickcee

Well They are (were )excel. spks. - If you have an 'emotional attachment' !? to stuff ? ! You should probably send the bass units out to get the surrounds refoamed - probably cost $75. - 120. incl. ship. check Layne audio link on this site or others. I tried to refoam my Mom's AR 6 spks. and ended up with kinda hatchet job - the supplied new surround didn't fit cone size - so unless you have experience I'd say send out. Perhaps the 'Accessories four less ' company (link this site )still has the AR 302 which is an excel. reprod. of original AR 5 (later 12). New - Polk 55 i has real wood veneer, quality , somewhat smaller- about $500. pr. anyway Rick

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