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Cizek's for sale!


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Searching for Cizek information via Google (http://www.google.com) I found the following:


A pair of Cizek Model II's!

They look like they are in great condition. I'm in Southern California, otherwise I would drive over there and pick these up. Someone up north may want to grab these.

Interesting that they look identical to the Model I's I had in college and (in hindsight) shouldn't have sold.

I have some pictures the dealer took for me, I'll post them soon in the Cizek section.

Still looking for anyone who has more historical information on Cizek or manuals, schematics, etc ..


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I have a pair of Cizek Model IIs which were handed down from my father. He lived in Boston and must have purchased them back in the early 80's. I have the original owners manual and a copy of the write-up from Absolute Sound. I could try to scan these for you..

Let me know.



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