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I've enjoyed my Cizek speakers since 1977, and they sounded perfect (perhaps we, the Cizek's and I, have deteriorated at the same rate). The walnut cabinets look pretty good despite the years. Bought them at Glenn Poor's Audio / Video in Bloomington, Illinois (probably from the store supplied by the dealer in Skokie mentioned in another post).

I had the original boxes to move these prize possessions in until last year. Just recently, the woofer has started to buzz, giving Bob Marley something of a Jimi Hendrix makeover. Replacing the silicone rubber ring around the cones again (which worked years ago) has not helped.

Sure would like to know where to replace the woofers. I remember being told they had "giant magnets" and were of unusual design. I may begin experimenting with suitable substitutes.

I have all the original product literature, including specifications, and can provide scanned versions if anybody's interested.

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I also have a pair of Cizek Model 3 speakers which need refoaming or replacement.

Did you ever succeed in finding a replacement, or did you refoam the speakers?

I definitely would be interested in the specs that you may have.


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I write from Italy and I'm a Cizek sound lover. I'd like to receive by e-mail some literature and specifications about Cizek model one or other models. I'm also searching a pair of Model one possibly refoamed.

THX in advance

Paolo Lippe: paolippe@alice.it

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